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TELUS El Salvador

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With the expansion of business and the increase of personnel, we have established a second operating base to accommodate 4,500 employees.

Company name: TELUS El Salvador

Address: Centro Comercial Las Cascadas,Avenida Jerusalén y Carretera Panamericana, Oficinas administrativas L221, Nivel 2, contiguo a Anda, Antiguo Cuscatlán CP 1502

Company Profile: As the global arm of TELUS – a leading Canadian telecommunications company with over $12.5 billion of annual revenue and almost 12.5 million customer connections – TELUS International employs over 20,000 people with delivery centers in eight countries serving customers in over 30 languages.TELUS International Central America offers geographic diversity, multilingual programs, integrated multi-channel services, solid IT infrastructure and a strong focus on customer service.

Engineering demands: With the expansion of business and the increase of personnel, we have established a second operating base to accommodate 4 - 500 employees.

The total area: 1850 ㎡

Number of seats:562 seaters

Products used: MDS series, C60 series

-Extension track

Telus has been in Plaza Merliot for 11 years. With the number of customers grown rapidly in the international market in recent years, the quantity of employees also grow proportional to catch the growth of business development. The existing office area is no longer sufficient to accommodate the increasing number of employees. Therefore, Telus rented the 6-8th floor of Centro Comercial Las Cascadas, which was only about 5 minutes away from the original call center, to accommodate 400-500 employees and become the second call center's operating base.

For the design of new office space, Telus still invited Leadex to design. Leadex has provided Telus supports and services. The high-quality products, excellent service, familiarity with its brand, and so on, all of them are the reason Telus choices Leadex.

-Configure office space

The new call center is mainly an extension of the first call center. Telus provides office space for fresh employees. Besides support the workplace of employees, it is also to be a powerful tool to achieve its goals. Leadex helps Telus to create a new working and living environment. Through to promote the design of workplace, it enhance the employee performance, motivation and creativity.

For the whole project, there is no difficulty from communication, design and absenteeism. In the process, Leadex and Telus are more communication and explore the key and interference factors of internal organizational change, to understand how a space to support employees, and how we can establish a workplace that truly reflects the characteristics of employees and their work style.

The unity of style is most importance. The color, the C60 screen workstation, and the MDS series long table are all consistent with the first call center. Such consistency reflects the brand image of organization's enterprises, and it also allows employees to have a sense of belonging and a sense of corporate honour and to provide more support and help for company's challenges.

It is worth mentioning that in the height of the MDS screen frosted glass, it was changed from the regular 350mm height to 150mm height. It makes it easier for employees to communicate and increase work efficiency.

The two drawer pedestal also adopts a special design. The space and height of the upper and lower drawers are the same, and they all have independent locks. They are suitable for shift-work employees. The team always flows in an organic way. In the past, this was a detail that easily overlooked. Leadex's designers grasped the different rhythms of the employees working, they made a minor adjustment. It seems simple design, but it is significance. Employees can feel the companys concern. In a mobile position, there also can provide a private field, and it increased the job satisfaction of employees, thats very important.

-Rhythm creativity

The work of the customer service center is very linear, and the employee's work is also focused on efficiency, it is repeated and dull. However, Leadex can use its own products to help customers look forward to a workplace that provide better support of their work.

Every organization and employee is different, but we can observe the needs of theirs work, and we change to accelerate learning and innovation, and cleverly combine locations and technologies to support the development of different needs.

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