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We built a new headquarters and needed a new environment to cater for the reintegration of the company structure.

Company Name: TIGO El Salwador

Company Profile: Tigo is an innovative, leading cable and mobile service emerging market operator in Millicom. It provides communications, broadband, finance and other services and covers over 50 million customers. Theirs goal is to build up a digital roads that connect and improve people and their lives, and develop their communities. Their mission is to provide the best and

safest digital highway and become the first choice for all market customers.

Engineering Demands: We built a new headquarters and needed a new environment to cater for the reintegration of the company structure.

The total area: 9264 ㎡

Number of seats: 1200 seaters

Products used: FAD series, C60 series

-  Intention

In a job with little control of work rhythm, the employees are often asked to use script language and observe predetermined solutions. Provides a suitable job selection workplace design can make great difference for employees in pressure level and general well-being.

When it talks to create a dreaming work environment and where they can work, even the smallest details also can make impact.

In a limited space, how should 1200 seats be placed?

-  Choice and Control

The staff of customer service center is usually the first point contact with customer. The communication experience between customer and services can affect the reputation of company. So it may bring pressure to staff.

* C60 cubicle workstation 3D renderings.

Besides "dealing with angry customers", customer service will also face "repetitive work activities, cognitive needs, time pressure increase, workload reduction, autonomy and performance monitoring reduction" and other stress factors.

* FAD bench 3D renderings.

Leadex provide a C60-S30 thin-wide workstation solution to Tigo. And the division partition is a little bigger than the table top so that it can reduce the interference with adjacent table. In order to keep clean and tidy easily, Leadex suggest all division partition using MFC instead of fabric. Tigo is very satisfied with Leadex’s meticulously consideration.

* The color has no doubt selected blue which it is the representative and logo color of Tigo.

In the design above the third floor, the research and experience belonging to the program development and management personnel shows that supporting people to their own perception of basic needs and objectives working environment can help staff relieve stress and improve their participation in the research and development work.

Therefore, managers are using the physical design of their facilities as a strategic tool to improve their attractiveness by enhancing their employee experience and interactive learning. A well planned space can bring higher morale and more knowledge sharing to staff, and create a positive working environment and improve work and service level.

In the design process, Leadex’s designer used the FAD open table series.

*  At the beginning of proposal, Leadex provided MDS and FAD two series, and Tigo selected FAD series finally.

The open style table allowed employees autonomously adjusting the screen and personal items. Even the minor adjustment, such as adjust the monitor or open the lamp, it can also affect the sense of working control and accomplishment.

Because of the limited personal space, designer used the small crane to replace the file cabinet so that it solved the using of space perfectly.

In the design of manager room table, base on formal products of Leadex and the needs of Tigo, it has added glass panels on the side cupboards which increased the using space and improved the practicability.

Because of the high level work related pressure, the manager designer a "quiet telephone booth", which can provide personal quiet phone calls or simple relax for staff.

* The telephone booth is designed by Leadex.

-  Install

When the manager and space designer create and install office furniture base on their business objectives, roles and scope of activities, the result is encouraging. The supports and enhances work experience people-oriented customer service center ultimately improves employee work experience.

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